First Snow White and the Huntsman trailer is more epic than you might imagine

In the eternal race to see which SNOW WHITE project can dominate the other, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN appears to always be a step ahead by first having a title (the other film is now called MIRROR MIRROR), and now being the first to have a trailer.

The "teaser" spot actually shows quite a lot. I'm having trouble deciding whether it looks amazing, or like a super high budget CollegeHumor parody of how ridiculous it is that we're taking all the simplest classic stories and turning them into full-length blockbuster action epics.

That said, you really can see the vivid visual stylings of director Tarsem Singh. Oh wait, he's doing MIRROR MIRROR? Damnit! I am, however, upon my third viewing, tempted to put this in the "awesome" rather than "awful" column. Though I could be proven wrong.

Extra Tidbit: I like the non-focus on Kristen Stewart. Charlize definitely should get most of the screen time.
Source: Apple



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