FOX renews Gotham, Empire, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine; X-Files may return

With the second half of the season not yet aired for GOTHAM and BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, and only one episode in for EMPIRE, FOX has made some early commitments and announced the three series will be returning in the Fall. Both GOTHAM and EMPIRE have been successful in the ratings, even if critics and fans have not been very kind to the Batman origin drama.

The news of these three series being renewed comes along with the reveal that FOX series BONES and SLEEPY HOLLOW have not yet been picked up for new runs in the Fall. SLEEPY HOLLOW has slipped in the ratings and will apparently undergo some fine-tuning, something many feel GOTHAM could use, too. This news came coupled with the confirmation that FOX is actively discussing rebooting THE X-FILES. Just five days ago, Gillian Anderson was lobbying for a return of the iconic scifi series and now FOX says a new run is being mulled with both Anderson and David Duchovny eyed to return. There is no progress on another 24 mini-series but it was not ruled out entirely.

This has been a good year for comic book television with ARROW and THE FLASH already renewed for new seasons. AGENT CARTER has been doing well in the ratings and AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. has been better, too. Hopefully we continue to see these shows on air for a while to come. And, if THE X-FILES comes back, I will be in heaven. Stay tuned for more details.

Source: Deadline



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