Gillian Anderson needs your help for another season of The X-Files

gillian anderson x files

The X-Files was such a great show. It was appointment television in my house for its entire 9 season run, even when my parents took away the cable because of the increase in casual swearing with us kids, we would still find a way. The sci-fi series has a huge cult following with many fans still hoping for a third film. What if it could return to TV though? Jack Bauer returned with a limited series of 24, so why not The X-Files?  I think FOX should take note soon, because Gillian Anderson who played Dana Scully is all for it.

A new Nerdist podcast featuring the talented and beautiful actress addressed the need for the show and admitted she misses it as much as the fans. She told the Nerdist's Chris Hardwick that if fans could convince FOX to reunite her with David Duchovny for a new X-Files series, she wouldn't hesitate to sign on! Someone hold me.

So needless to say, the hashtag #XFiles2015 is growing on Twitter. For all you fans of the series, you have work to do. Get that hashtag and @FOXTV out there and spread the word, we want this show back! If Twin Peaks can do it after 25 years, so can The X-Files.

Do you have a favorite episode(s) of the series?

Because everyone likes a blooper reel:

Source: Nerdist



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