Funny or Die releases fake trailer for an indie Star Wars film

With the STAR WARS franchise destined to release a movie a year, in seeming perpetuity, at some point a film like the spoof trailer STORM from Funny or Die might one day become a reality. As it is, the trailer itself does a great job of parodying the cliches of trailers for the type of indie Sundance/awards-baity films that come out around this time. You have cancer (or "space cancer"), a disapproving father, a ROMEO AND JULIET-esque romance set in the backdrop of a war, etc. Not to mention specific shots that seem to show up in all these films (especially the last one of him about to walk in the water).

I think what makes the parody work - in my opinion - is an appreciation of what you're spoofing. As someone who actually enjoys the kinds of films this trailer is parodying, it's really great how the specific musical and aesthetic choices in the short mirror things you'd see in Euro-art films, or the works of Noah Baumbach and Jim Jarmusch. Also adding STAR WARS is a fun touch. And...was that fucking Udo Kier in there as an Imperial officer?! How come the mainstay films didn't think of that!

Meanwhile, the next official STAR WARS film, THE LAST JEDI, hits theaters this weekend.

Extra Tidbit: My favorite fan film is still gonna be TROOPS.
Source: Funny or Die



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