Galaxy Quest TV series finds a home at Amazon

That GALAXY QUEST television series that we all got excited about earlier this year looks to have found a home.

Amazon Studios is actively developing a series based on the 1999 fan favorite (and one of the better STAR TREK movies that exists), partnering with Paramount Television to make the idea into a reality. But being still very early in the process, there seems to be more questions than answers as to what this series is even going to be.

There's no telling if this shift to the small screen for the property will be a prequel, sequel, reboot or perhaps something in-between. And, as for casting, it's difficult to know, based on the lack of clarity about the show's focus, whether or not any of the film's original cast would be approached to return in any capacity. After all, we are talking about some sizable names - Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver and Sam Rockwell, among others - who would need to be convinced to reprise their roles in a new format, if that's the plan.

There are still a number of names who'll be making their returns to the GALAXY QUEST galaxy regardless. Dean Parisot, who directed the feature, will be back to direct and executive produce. Robert Gordon, who co-wrote the movie, is writing the pilot script as well as executive producing. And then there's also executive producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein who weren't going to be left out of the GALAXY QUEST revival.

Fans who never gave up and never surrendered their dream of more GALAXY QUEST should be happy that progress is being made. Now to start readying that Amazon Prime subscription in order to see the payoff.

Source: EW



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