Game of Thrones season 8 teaser confirms April premiere

We’ve all had to wait extra long for the final season of GAME OF THRONES, as this year we had to take a break so they could film the epicness that will likely be nothing but carnage and betrayal. HBO had never confirmed when exactly the season would premiere, only teasing it for the first half of 2019. Now in a new teaser for the series finale, it’s confirmed the end will begin in April 2019, which sounds like the perfect time of year for a winter apocalypse.

Don’t expect to see any new footage for the season in this teaser. It’s nothing but a recap of major scenes that call to mind all the biggest deaths (The Red Wedding still hurts!), love affairs, kills and more. As well, the network is keeping the exact day of the premiere under wraps, so there is still some mystery as to when we all need to mark off our calendars. This series has thrown audiences for a loop for seven seasons, and the end of the most recent season teased the massive stakes and a new romantic entanglement that will affect how everything turns out in the end. And it’s all going to be covered in six episodes, each with a runtime that goes beyond anything we've seen in previous seasons. 

I honestly have no idea what to expect come this final season, to the point where I don’t even want to start coming up with my own theories. I don’t want to place myself firmly in one camp, only to come out disappointed or feeling like I wasted all this mental space on theories for nothing. Going into the finale I want to be completely open-minded for whatever they have in store, which we’ve heard will feature the biggest battle scenes yet, among so much else.

GAME OF THRONES begins its final season this April.


Source: HBO



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