Joe Manganiello shares a sketch of Deathstroke's armor

There’s been a lot of worry, elation, confusion and shouting at the computer over all the news surrounding Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, with some people feeling unsure if it was even going to happen. But in the midst of the confusion we have forgotten one of the cooler pieces of news to come out of it all, which is that Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello) will be the villain! Not a whole lot has been developed on that front, but thanks to the actor himself we have a pretty badass glimpse at the potential costume of the assassin.

Have a gander!

As Manganiello points out this is just a sketch from the armor test run they did, so it’s probably not the final costume we will see in the movie. But at least this gives fans a look at what direction the folks behind the movie are going in. Zack Snyder has revealed the character will appear in JUSTICE LEAGUE, so this could be what we first see him in before switching it up for the Batman solo flick. DC and Warner Bros. look like they will be keeping in line with their other movies’ grounded tone by giving Deathstroke, real name Slade Wilson, a realistic, tactile costume. Deathstroke looks like he can do some serious backflips in that thing. The Bat (Affleck) should be very frightened.

Like I pointed out I have no idea if this will be the final costume or not, but I love the way they’re heading. The character looks formidable in this, and I like how they will pit Bats against a foe of similar cunning and skill. Between BATMAN V. SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE the only kinds of villains we will most likely see him fight will be more supernatural, fantastical foes, like Doomsday. We won’t see him battle someone so equal to him until his own movie (unless they go at it in JUSTICE LEAGUE, perhaps?), so I’m glad they at least are making the baddie look like someone who could give him a run for his money when it comes to fisticuffs. And fisticuffs it shall come to, indeed!

JUSTICE LEAGUE is set for November 17 and listen to the boys as they talk about Deathstroke and Batman from this October 2016 podcast!

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