Get Out is looking to compete at the Golden Globes as a comedy

While I recall laughing a number of times during my viewing of Jordan Peele's smash-hit GET OUT, I'd still label it primarily as a horror film. With that being said, EW is reporting that Peele's record-smashing film will compete in the upcoming Golden Globe Awards as a part of the Best Comedy/Musical category. Weird, right? Yeah, that's what I was going to say until I remembered that Ridley Scott's THE MARTIAN also competed in this category back in 2016. 

Upon stepping into the race, GET OUT is likely to be stacked against other comedies that are likely to be considered for the category such as, THE BIG SICK, I, TONYA, THE DISASTER ARTIST, LADY BIRD, and THE GREATEST SHOWMAN.

In reacting to the news, Peele laughed off people's sideways glances and sly internet comments by tweeting that "Get Out is a documentary." on his personal account.

Not that I get a vote or anything, but if I did, I'd be throwing my full weight behind GET OUT for the category. My instincts are telling me that Greta Gerwin's LADY BIRD will likely be the winner (and for very good reason, or so I've heard) of the Best Comedy/Musical award. Perhaps members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association could benefit from a little tea time, if you catch my drift.

Here's wishing GET OUT and its outstanding cast the very best at the Golden Globes, because hey, this new development certainly places the film's actors in a great position to be recognized for their excellence as well. 



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