Goyer's Invisible Man

David Goyer was apparently so successful making someone disappear with his recent remake THE INVISIBLE, he's going to attempt another transparent human. Nope, not another HOLLOW MAN sequel (sorry, Peter Facinelli), but THE INVISIBLE MAN. It's like THE INVISIBLE all grown up!

Actually it's a sequel (or re-imagination) to Universal's classic, based on the H.G. Wells tale of a scientist who turns himself invisible and goes a little kooky. The new incarnation "centers on a British nephew of the original Invisible Man. Once he discovers his uncle's formula for achieving invisibility, he is recruited by British intelligence agency MI5 during WWII."

As a fan of the original movie, the Sci-Fi Channel series, the old British show and even John Carpenter's much-maligned take on the see-through dude, I'm certainly interested in seeing (a-hyuck!) this, although Goyer's direction remains unproven in my eyes (BLADE TRINITY was an energetic mess). But as long as they keep Stephen Sommers away from Universal's catalog, I'm fine with it. Imagine Entertainment and Dragonball-haired producer Brian Grazer are behind the new flick.
Extra Tidbit: Goyer still plans to throttle another Marvel character when he helms the helmeted mutant MAGNETO.
Source: Variety



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