Guy Ritchie's King Arthur set to hit theaters Summer 2016

In January we learned Guy Ritchie might direct a KING ARTHUR flick for Warner Bros., and it was rumored the movie would be the start of a new franchise for the studio with at least six films. Variety has learned when we'll be able to see KING ARTHUR: the movie will be in theaters on July 22nd, 2016. There aren't any other movies currently scheduled to be release on that date, but ICE AGE 5 will open the weekend before, and the third PLANET OF THE APES film from director Matt Reeves will hit theaters the weekend after.

What's interesting though is there's no mention in Variety's report on there being any plans for more than one KING ARTHUR movie at this time. Maybe Warner Bros. thinks six movies is too many, or perhaps the studio wants to wait and see how well the first one does at the box office.

There still aren't any details on KING ARTHUR. No one has been cast yet, and all we know about the film is there may be more fantasy elements in Guy Ritchie's KING ARTHUR than previous movies featuring the legendary king. Who do you think should play King Arthur?

Source: Variety



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