Hailee Steinfeld might give Romeo and Juliet a try

Just the other day I wrote an article about Hailee Steinfeld being attached to to star as Sleeping Beauty. Now she's thinking about joining another fictitious tale.

Currently Steinfeld is in negotiations to star in another adaptation of ROMEO AND JULIET. The film will be helmed by Carlo Carlie, who is an Italian director best known for the 1992 foreign festival film, FLIGHT OF THE INNOCENT. If you still have no clue who that is, maybe you will be familiar with the work of screenwriter Julian Fellowes. He was the gentleman who penned scripts for THE TOURIST, GOSFORD PARK, and THE YOUNG VICTORIA. Fellowes will do double duty as script writer and producer. Director Garbiele Muccino (SEVEN POUNDS) is on hand to do some producing as well.

I'm sure you know the story of ROMEO AND JULIET, written by William Shakespeare about two star-crossed lovers torn apart by their parents constant feuding. As far as I know they are not changing the formula. If they get a move on filming, Steinfeld will be the same age as Juliet, which is fourteen.

Extra Tidbit: When Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of ROMEO AND JULIET came out, I remember the chicks at my school being like, "I don't know what they were saying, but Leonardo DiCaprio is the hottest person on the planet." It made me want to throw something.
Source: THR



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