Hungry for more Lycans and vampires? An Underworld reboot is in the works

It’s been two years since the last entry in the UNDERWORLD franchise was released, UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING, which stands as the biggest earner of the four movies in the series. Now, as it happens from time to time, a reboot is coming well ahead of schedule. Lakeshore Entertainment is moving forward with a reboot and has hired Cory Goodman (PRIEST) to write the script. There is no word on who will direct or who might take the lead away from Kate Beckinsale who starred in three of the four movies as the strong and sexy vampiress Selena.

Len Wiseman directed UNDERWORLD in 2003 and UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION in 2006; he and Beckinsale didn’t return for the prequel UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS in 2009, and then Beckinsale returned for the inevitable 3D release of UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING in 2012. This franchise stands right next to the RESIDENT EVIL saga; they can be entertaining enough if you’re game. I wouldn’t have called for a reboot already; perhaps a TV series would have been a better direction for a series that most fans probably didn’t forget about yet.

Are you a fan of the franchise? Any ground you want to see covered in the reboot?

Aaaaand legs.

Source: THR

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