Is Viggo Mortensen up for a role in Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight?

"Does Quentin Tarantino want Viggo Mortensen for THE HATEFUL EIGHT?" That's what many have been asking after the actor was recently spotted having a meeting with Tarantino at the Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca.

Sources have told New York Daily News the duo "had what appeared to be scripts in front of them and seemed to be discussing characters" during their meeting. They also claim Quentin Tarantino was overheard having a conversation with Mortensen about a “ruthless gang leader” role.

Now maybe the two are just fans of each other's work, and Quentin Tarantino wanted to share what's going on with his new movie. But personally, I really want this to happen. Viggo Mortensen is a tremendous actor, and although he's pretty picky with his projects, I think he would be fantastic in a Tarantino flick.

Although this news is awesome, remember it is only a rumor, and it certainly doesn't mean Viggo Mortensen is a lock for THE HATEFUL EIGHT. All we can do is hope it's true, and Mortensen does end up joining the film.

THE HATEFUL EIGHT will start filming in January, and it will hit theaters in Fall of 2015.



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