Jackie Chan will produce and star in a new English-language action-comedy

Serious question: Has Jackie Chan ever made a "great" English-language film? THE KARATE KID remake was pretty decent and the KUNG FU PANDA movies don't count since they're animated... which leaves what? The RUSH HOUR films?

Whatever the case may be, he will be attempting a new one for his next project. According to THR's Heat Vision, Chan is set to both produce and star in an untitled English-language action-comedy based on his own original idea and written by scribe Jay Longino (BACHELOR PARTY 2: THE LAST TEMPTATION). The story is "a two-hander action comedy featuring a detective (Chan) who must track down an American gambler that has skipped out on his debt owed to a Macau casino syndicate." No word on a director as of yet. I think they're starting off pretty strong what with the hiring of the BACHELOR PARTY 2: THE LAST TEMPTATION guy, though. I mean, yeah.

Meanwhile, Chan can next be seen in the action-adventure film CHINESE ZODIAC - about a man who searches the world for twelve mystical artifacts from the Chinese zodiac - which he also wrote and directed. The movie stars Oliver Platt, cutie newcomer Caitlin Dechelle, and - get this - Kenny G. Wtf?
Extra Tidbit: Favorite Jackie Chan film?



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