Jim Carrey will take the lead in Steve Oedekerk's Ricky Stanicky

One of my favorite pairings has to be Jim Carrey and Steven Oedekerk. Together they gave us ACE VENTURA, BRUCE ALMIGHTY, and episodes of IN LIVING COLOR. Oedekerk is responsible for one of my favorite stupid movies: KUNG POW: ENTER THE FIST. I cannot begin to explain my love for that.

Carrey and Oedekerk are getting together again on RICKY STANICKY. The story was first penned by Jeff Bushell, but Oedekerk will now serve as writer and director on the project. The film will center on, "three male friends who have used an invented friend, Ricky Stanicky, for the past two decades as an excuse to explain their way out of sticky situations. When their spouses demand to meet Stanicky, they hire an actor to portray him."

I know that this will most likely be hilarious. Now I wonder who they will get to fill in the other roles. The last time that Oedekerk and Carrey worked together was in 2003 on BRUCE ALMIGHTY.

Next you can see Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes in KICK-ASS 2 which is set to release on August 16, 2013.

Source: Variety



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