J.J. Abrams & Stephen King to team up for anthology series Castle Rock

Stephen King Castle Rock J.J. Abrams

Over the course of his lengthy career, Stephen King has filled the world with countless tales of terror and memorable stories, some of which even cross over in a variety of different ways, including taking place in or mentioning the fictional Maine town of Castle Rock. It seems that Castle Rock is to be the focus of a brand-new anthology series coming to us from J.J. Abrams and Stephen King himself. Abrams' production company Bad Robot tweeted a cryptic message which directed fans to the following teaser.

Not much is known about the series just yet, but THR states that the project is being set up at Hulu (also home to 11.22.63) and will "weave together characters and themes from those novels that use the Castle Rock location." Each season of Castle Rock will follow a different set of characters and story-lines, all while "interjecting themes and specific characters from previous seasons." Some of the Stephen King stories which take place in Castle Rock include "The Dead Zone," "Cujo," "The Dark Half," "Needful Things" and many others. The Castle Rock teaser also makes mention of many other King stories and characters, so I suppose we'll have to wait for more information to see how this all fits together.

Sound off Stephen King fans, what are your thoughts on this "shared-universe" anthology series and what are you hoping to see?

Source: Bad Robot



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