Joaquin Phoenix and M. Night Shyamalan may reunite for mystery project

Joaquin Phoenix and M. Night Shyamalan are looking to do another picture together, so apparently someone can stand being around the often-criticized filmmaker for more than one project. Phoenix is in negotiations to join Shyamalan for their third picture (SIGNS and THE VILLAGE), with Jason Blum, who just worked with Shyamalan on THE VISIT, set to be released on September 11, lining up to produce the currently untitled movie.

Shyamalan is looking at a November start date for the production, which would be filmed in his hometown of Philadelphia, and, if you're trying to figure out what type of story it might tell or if it'd contain your standard Shyamalan twists and surprises, I can't help you. Details are locked up pretty tight, other than the fact that it'd be working off a small-scale budget, as most Blum movies do.

Shyamalan seems to be working himself out of the audience doghouse a little. WAYWARD PINES seems to have found an intrigued group of viewers, even with his name attached to it, and Universal has been screening THE VISIT for weeks in the hopes of drumming up some positive word of mouth. Phoenix's presence can only help, as the actor is always attaching himself to nothing sort of curious films... and, if there's one thing we can say about a Shyamalan film, they're always that.

You can see the latest Shyamalan/Blum collaboration THE VISIT in theaters on September 11.

Source: Deadline



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