JoBlo.com is hosting a free IT screening in Washington D.C.! Details here!

Where ya goin'? You look like a nice boy. Bet you have a lot of friends...Want to take them to see Warner Bros. adaptation of Stephen King's IT? Well, if you live in the Washington D.C. Area, then we've got a nice big, red balloon for you in the form of our FREE SCREENING that will be taking place on:

Monday, August 28th at 7 p.m. at the Regal Gallery Place Stadium 14

But, this is SO much more than a simple screening, my little Derry friends; this is an experience! As you enter the theater there will be all kinds of cool surprises, so show up ready for more than just a movie! If you're a fan of Stephen King, scary movies, clowns and/or awesome moviegoing events, then this one is for you! This is also the FIRST time any fans will be able to see the film, so make sure to get in while the gettin's good.

To RSVP for tickets, simply float here ---->>> JoBlo IT Screening

Enter your info, pack your rain slicker and get ready for a super awesome and scary moviegoing experience courtesy of Warner Bros. and JoBlo.com! Make sure to SHARE any pics from the event using the hashtag #ITmovie and feel free to tag our Twitter and Facebook as well!

Want more info on IT? Here...Take IT!

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IT opens nationwide on September 8th!



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