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Back to the Future Christopher Lloyd Lea Thompson

As part of our coverage of the BACK TO THE FUTURE cast reunion at the London Film and Comic Con, I was able to speak with stars Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson, and, of course, I harassed them with BTTF-related questions. Ok, so "harassed" may be too strong of a word to describe it, but considering it's been thirty years since the first movie was released, I'm sure they've already heard pretty much every question one could ask about the trilogy. So I started by asking the duo if they enjoyed LFCC.

Thompson thought it was amazing and crazy, while Lloyd was wowed by how many people were there, saying it was "the most attended con I've ever been to." Since they have had to answer so many BTTF questions during their career, I did want to know what was the oddest enquiry they have received. They couldn't recall a specific unusual question, however Thompson brought up the fan theory about how Marty McFly actually died in BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II while fighting with Biff in the climatic tunnel scene, but was rescued by Doc, who had traveled back in time (how else would he have known Marty needed his assistance?) to drop the flags down, and save his life. But Thompson said, "those are things I don't think about at all."

Back to the Future Michael J. Fox

Hardcore BACK TO THE FUTURE fans are different (not better or worse, just different) compared to say, Trekkies or Star Wars enthusiasts (is there actually an official/unofficial nickname for SW fans?) and Thompson says BTTF fans are "usually so sweet" and that it seems "the movies actually made their lives better." Lloyd agreed with that statement, saying "they are grateful for them."

Robert Zemeckis recently said BTTF will be remade over his and co-writer Bob Gale's cold, dead bodies (Lloyd and Thompson both laughed after hearing that), and I let them know that most (and by most, I mean 99.999%) fans wouldn't want a remake anyway, and would, in fact, riot if one was announced. After telling them that many people consider BACK TO THE FUTURE to be one of those "untouchable" movies, like a CITIZEN KANE or THE GODFATHER, Thompson said it was "nice to hear," because she thinks Zemeckis should have won an Academy Award, especially after re-watching it as a filmmaker. Thompson has helmed two films from the Hallmark Channel's Jane Doe series and three episodes of ABC Family's Switched at Birth, and she thinks BTTF is finally getting the respect it deserves, as well as Zemeckis for making an "almost perfect movie."

Back to the Future Michael J. Fox Christopher Lloyd

I've watched it twice now with fresh eyes and being a director now, I watch every line, every single moment, and all the crazy things they had to do, especially with the end...And the really, really interesting acting,Crispin doing these gestures that are kind of like Commedia dell'arte, and you (Lloyd) and the exposition, the way you do it and the way it's shot, the comedy. It's just so well made.

Thompson went on to talk about how "there was nostalgia for the '50s" when BACK TO THE FUTURE was made, and "now when people watch a movie, they have nostalgia for the '80s and the '50s, so they get more for their money...And I think that's why it holds up." She also said she is in a very unique position, because people have seen her old and young in the films, so they aren't shocked to see that she has aged, however I did tell her that she looks a hell of a lot better than the older versions of Lorraine. She responded with, "Well, you know fifty is the new forty," which got a chuckle from Lloyd.

Back to the Future Lea Thompson

My favorite quote from the interview came from Lloyd, who said if BACK TO THE FUTURE was made today (not as a remake, but if it had never existed in the first place), there would probably be a "torrid love scene" between Marty and Lorraine. I'm positive there's erotic fan fiction featuring such a scene, but Thompson then told us that before she did BTTF, she "auditioned for another movie that was the same idea, only set in the '60s and I went back in time in a hippie thing, and I actually did sleep with my son." It never got made though, because BTTF happened.

We talked a little about how much CG is used today in film, and how it can take away from movies, which is one of the reasons why Thompson liked MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. Lloyd hasn't seen it yet, but says he walked into the first one with no clue what it was about and it "blew me away."

Not to get too personal, but my father, who died when I was quite young, was a huge Christopher Lloyd fan, mostly due to his role in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, because he had to check himself into a psychiatric hospital several times to help deal with his Vietnam War experiences. Lloyd looked genuinely touched when I told him that at the end of the interview, and said he's very proud of his work in the film, as he should be.

Back to the Future: The Complete Adventures Blu-ray box set will be released on October 20th, and will include all three movies, the complete animated series, a new bonus disc, a 64-page book and collectible light-up “Flux Capacitor” packaging.

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