JoBlo.com gets its own YouTube channel...again.

A few months ago, we got bounced from YouTube because of some bogus "copyright" claim that would surely take forever to attempt to "challenge", so we decided to just start from scratch again and just be doubly more careful from now on (otherwise YouTube gets in a tizzy!). So you know about our Facebook presence, our Twitter presence (we're also on Tmbler) and now we're updated on YOUTUBE as well, so join us anywhere you want and we'll send you a free beer (Note: We can't actually send anyone free beer but it's the thought that counts).

I'm not gonna blow smoke up your ass and pretend that there's anything there that you won't get on our own JoBlo Videos section, because there isn't, but at the same time, it does allow you to keep track of all of our latest celebrity interviews (additions include Danny McBride, Olivia Wilde, Ryan Reynolds), random movie-related videos (Jon Favreau giving JoBlo.com a shout-out on the Jimmy Kimmel Show), as well as all slick mash-ups (our most recent SLAPSHOT team watches TWILIGHT trailer got a bunch of views), our MovieHotties Hotties of the Months (in HD!!) and more crap. Either way, just thought you'd want to know that the JoBlo.com universe continues to expand and here are a few videos from our YouTube channel as appetizers...  Enjoy!

Source: YouTube.com



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