John Leguizamo would absolutely love to play the Joker in a future Batman film


When the next STAR WARS films were announced it seemed like every actor/writer/director was asked if they were interested in being a part of the new films, and now the same thing is happening with Warner Bros. and DC's BATMAN/SUPERMAN film. There has been plenty of rumors and speculations already about who will wear the cowl, but not much about the other Batman characters who might appear in the movie.

Desde Hollywood talked to John Leguizamo recently and told the actor that they would love to see a Latino Joker in a future Batman film. Not that Leguizamo would be the first: Caser Romero famously played the villain on the television series in the 1960's. But would John Leguizamo be interested in playing the Joker?

Just because I have to represent for my Latin people. It’s crazy. I went to Comic-Con and 50% of the nerds were Latin, Black and Asian. I said “Come on! We are so underrepresented and we support the whole industry”.

Leguizamo goes on to say that even though he's not a fan of all the comic book movies (and other current popular film genres), he would totally be down with playing the Joker:

I am not against comic-book movies. I just feel that I have seen enough zombies, vampires and apocalyptic comic-book super heroes in my lifetime. I want to see real people on screen for a while. But hell yeah, I would do Batman. The Joker would be a blast!

John Leguizamo would make a pretty terrifying Joker in my opinion. I don't think his performance would have the same impact as Heath Ledger's in THE DARK KNIGHT but he can certainly play unhinged and crazy very well, and we already know he looks pretty good in make-up because of SPAWN. Obviously this is an actor expressing his desire to play a character and not a rumor that Warner Bros. is interested in Leguizamo, but if I was the studio I'd keep him in mind when casting starts if the Joker does have a part in the new film.

Extra Tidbit: How would you feel about John Leguizamo as the Joker?
Source: Desde Hollywood



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