Jonathan Liebesman may direct the King Arthur re-envisioning Man At Arms

Looks like Jonathan Liebesman has found his follow-up to TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES in the form of a reimagining of the King Arthur legend. But, before you say Guy Ritchie is already embarking on his projected six film KNIGHTS OF THE ROUNDTABLE franchise, MAN AT ARMS sounds like a much different version of the story than we have seen.

Liebesman and producer Basil Iwanyk will work together on MAN AT ARMS, reteaming them from WRATH OF THE TITANS. The film will be scripted by Jeremy Lott, who co-wrote the Robin Hood reboot HOOD over at Sony. Apparently competing franchises are all the rage these days. Here's the run-down for MAN AT ARMS.

The project is a King Arthur story, but reminiscent of Clint Eastwood’s classic Western Unforgiven and follows Sir Lancelot as an older man who is bent on making amends after his love for Guinevere (and hers for him) ended up destroying Arthur’s Camelot.

The Arthurian legends are known well enough around the world that they are instantly recognized but very few have had a lasting impact in recent years on screen. The KING ARTHUR film starring Clive Owen fizzled but it seems like the need for twisting and changing the source material has made Hollywood confident enough in trying again. First it was Peter Pan, then Robin Hood, and now King Arthur. At least with MAN AT ARMS, the focus is Lancelot which should keep it from duplicating the efforts in KNIGHTS OF THE ROUNDTABLE.

MAN AT ARMS currently has no release date.

Source: Deadline



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