Jordan Peele's upcoming social thriller set for 2019

The Jordan Peele-directed GET OUT was a monster success. Not only was it critically-acclaimed, it also is one of the most profitable films in terms of budget vs. box-office ($5 million vs. $250 million, respectively). So with that kind of success, the world is Peele's oyster (a saying I still don't quite understand). Anyway, he now has a first look deal with Universal, and his next social thriller will be coming out tentatively March 15th, 2019. Though, we don't have any more information about what its story or central conceit will be.

Alongside that, however, according to Deadline: "Peele will also produce a wide range of titles for the studio, including several micro-budgeted projects on which he will partner with GET OUT producer Jason Blum."

I say good for him! I loved GET OUT - cheering, laughing, and cringing at all the right moments. Honestly, the very last twist with the police car (I won't spoil it) was a masterstroke. So I'm excited to see what he has next up his sleeve.

Meanwhile, Peele is working with J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot to produce the series LOVECRAFT COUNTRY for HBO.

Extra Tidbit: Apparently - according to Peele - the reason why the girl in GET OUT eats fruit loops separate from milk, is because it's a symbol of her not wanting colors to mix with white.
Source: Deadline



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