Josh Gad teases the internet by posting Penguin pic

With the DCEU expanding more and more the inevitability is closing in that classic DC villains, particularly from the Batman realm, will be making an appearance somewhere down the line. We’ve already got Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Joker (Jared Leto) and Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello). But what about The Riddler and The Penguin, two villains we haven’t seen in the movies since the 90s? Well, if the Twitter–sphere is to be trusted, one actor is already throwing his top hat into the ring for consideration to play the latter.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS and FROZEN actor Josh Gad took Twitter by storm yesterday by posting a caption-less picture of Penguin, leading many to believe he is either a.) being considered for the role or b.) wants to play the nasty villain. Either way, the rumors are out there.

Now this picture means nothing in the way of actual news around the role. Chances are we wouldn’t see the character around for years given the DCEU’s current slate of films on the way. More likely than not, this could be Gad just sending out feelers to see how a response to him playing such an iconic role would be gauged by the public. So far the response has been quite positive, with fans dying to see the lovable actor go fiendish against the big Bat (Ben Affleck).

More than anything this is great fodder for discussion. Who would make a great Penguin? It’s such a specific-looking role, and even today Danny DeVito practically owns it. Gad could bring theatricality to the villain, but overall the character is just too despicable and downright gross for me to see Gad play. But I’ve been wrong before, and who knows, maybe the folks at Warner Bros. will bite. I mean, it could help his chances if they throw a musical number in there somewhere.

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