Kate Mara claims she "doesn't know much" about The Fantastic Four

Many had positive thoughts regarding the casting of Kate Mara as Sue Storm in Josh Trank's upcoming THE FANTASTIC FOUR. She is young, sexy, and has proven she can hold her own dramatically in Netflix's series HOUSE OF CARDS as well as the first season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. While not every actor can be expected to be a comic nerd that knows the ins and outs of their character before being cast, some awareness of the role is usually a prerequisite.

IGN recently caught up with Mara while discussing her current film, TRANSCENDENCE, and asked her if she could share some news about THE FANTASTIC FOUR. Her answer was less than detailed.

"Well I don't know very much about it, which is weird but true! Umm, all I know is that it's going to be a very different take on the film, which people may not expect . I'm not really familiar with the comic books...I picked up a few when I got the part. I think we're making a very grounded version of a superhero film. I trust Josh Trank's vision as I was a huge fan of CHRONICLE."

Now, she could be playing coy and not spilling any info she shouldn't, but she is also using the same "grounded" description that Miles Teller shared a while back. Like I said, the fact she went out to grab some comics after getting the role means she wants to learn more about Sue Storm to better play her, but when she says she doesn't know much about it, I assume she means THE FANTASTIC FOUR, as in the movie she is going to be in, as in she hasn't read the script yet.

Before you read too much into this interpretation, also note that Mara was asked by IGN if she has been fitted for a costume and she answered that she isn't even sure that she will wear a costume in the movie. We were all slightly taken aback by the drastic reboot rumored to be taking place in Josh Trank's film, but this could truly be a different look at superheroes than we even expected.

THE FANTASTIC FOUR also stars Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell. It is slated to begin filming very soon and will hit theaters on June 19, 2015 with an already announced sequel due on July 14, 2017.

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