Leaked set photo might reveal Klingon design for Star Trek Discovery

Now that STAR TREK DISCOVERY is officially in production, the question everyone's going to be asking are "what are the ships going to look like?", "what are the aliens going to look like?", and "how sexy will the ships and aliens be?"

Well, we don't have to wait much longer for two of those questions, as we just got an Instagram (since taken down) of a leaked set photo, revealing some aliens who are identified as "Klingons". Let's take a look:

Klingons are notoriously difficult to adapt when dealing with stories pre-TOS. That's because in the original series, they were just yellow peril stereotypes in black face and Fu Manchu mustaches. Then, when THE MOTION PICTURE came out in '79, the Klingons all of a sudden had ridges on their foreheads, which carried over to every subsequent STAR TREK series (it was even lampshaded in a DEEP SPACE NINE episode where Worf and the crew time-travelled to the Tribbles episode, who when asked about the discrepency just said "We don't like to talk about it"). The lack of ridges in TOS was later retconned to be some sort of genetic experiment that had some Klingons looking more human, and others less, in the series ENTERPRISE. But the less said about that series, the better.

However, too be fair, Andrew Mackay - the guy who sent out the initial Instagram - did tell ComicBook.com that they might not be Klingons at all, and that he just "thought they kinda looked like [Klingons]". Though, that could also be the studio trying to get us off the scent (not unlike them trying to hide the obvious Kahn reveal a few years earlier).

Either way, we'll find out when the show premieres May, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Who's your favorite STAR TREK alien species? I've always been fond of the space hippies in THE WAY TO EDEN.



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