Top 10 Best Profanity Filled Movies (NSFW Video Edition!)

The first KICK ASS made waves for loads of violence and a potty mouth from the pint-sized Hit Girl. The aequel opening today is sure to be chock full of the same creetive swearing from the bevvy of real-life superheroes. In honor of this foul language flick, here are the ten best movies that are full of profanity. Remember, these videos are NSFW, so proceed with caution. If your favorite f*cking film didn't make the list, then go f*ck yourself with your f*cking c*ck and list your picks in the Talk Back below.


You may not be into British films or political films or satirical films, but if you see one British political comedy satire, make it IN THE LOOP. After seeing the brilliant new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, unleash the most viciously evil insults and swearing on anyone in his path, you will have a new favorite antihero. So good and so underseen by American audiences, IN THE LOOP is the best swearing you will see in any movie.


Joe Pesci is the sole reason anyone who isn't into gangster movies should see CASINO. Like Goodman in LEBOWSKI, Pesci steals the show with his machine gun style of unloading profanity onto the audience's ears. Everything about his dialogue is excellent. I prefer CASINO greatly over GOODFELLAS, which often gets me dirty looks from my movie fan buddies, but I stsnd by how CASINO is a better constructed movie than GOODFELLAS. And, hands down, it wins in the profanity department.


My favorite movie on this list, THE BIG LEBOWSKI is a brilliant reinvention of the noir film as a dark comedy. Plus, it really ties the room together. The Dude may abide and swear some nice strings of curses in this movie, but it is John Goodman's Walter that steals the swearing show. Shut the f*ck up Donny, you're out of your element. Perfection.


Many overlooked Nick Cassavetes "true story" crime drama starring Emile Hirsch, Anton Yelchin, Ben Foster, Olivia Wilde, and Justin Timberlake. This is a crime unto itself. ALPHA DOG is a gritty and, well, f*cked up movie about teens involved in the wrong side of the law. I highly recommend it not just because it is good, but also because it is an inspired use of swearing. Plus, it has some sexy scenes feasturing Amanda Seyfried and Dominique Swain.


The granddaddy of swearing in movies. The only thing better than Brian De Palma's uncensored movie is the hilarious network TV version where the four letter words are replaced with ridiculous other things. SCARFACE is a very stylized film that used profanity like bullets: more than necessary and enough to kill anything in it's path. Definitely not something to watch with kids in the room, but will certainly make your ears ring.


From the Bad Motherf*cker wallet to the Dead N-word Storage, Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece is a foul-mouthed ode to profanity. Every Tarantino film masters swearing. I was tempted to go with RESERVOIR DOGS, but PULP FICTION just uses the f and n words like no other film I have ever seen. After watching it several times, you don't even notice the swearing. Tarantino is just that good a writer,


Drugs, violence, swearing. Oh, and Ray Winstone in a film written and directed by Gary Oldman. How can you go wrong? NIL BY MOUTH may be a more obscure movie on this list but definitely one you should check out. The swearing is heavy throughout and something just makes it seem both classier and more derogatory when said with a British accent. Plus, no curse word is better than the dreaded c-word.

#8 - MADE

When Vince Vaughn goes uncensored it is a treat for audiences. His stream of consciousness style of delivering his lines incorporates f-bombs a plenty and makes you smile the whole way. In MADE, directed by Vaughn's buddy Jon Favreau, we get very well orchestrated ravings from the characters, most memorably in this rant by Ricky Slade. Pretty much any Vince Vaughn rant is gold for quoting, but this is a personal favorite.


Martin Scorsese has made a career out of showing us the f*cking natural speaking habits of the North American Male. From GOODFELLAS to CASINO and even GANGS OF NEW YORK, Uncle Marty has included a wide array of f*cks in his dialogue. THE DEPARTED may not have as many memorable swearing scenes, but it was certainly chock full of four letter words.


After years of shocking Comedy Central viewers with cartoon kids spewing bleeped curse words, the big screen musical from Trey Parker and Matt Stone did away with censors and unleashed one of the most profane movies ever. F*cking hilarious and just plain wrong, SOUTH PARK still found ways to shock us all and still make a damn good movie at the same time.

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