Top 10 Movies That Should be Converted To 3D

With the release of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY in 3D today, the post-conversion of classic films in the special format continues. Since AVATAR re-invigorated 3D on the big screen, countless movies have been repackaged and rereleased to take advantage of the newest technology. While many of the converted movies worthy of being shown again have already been released, here is a ranking of 10 movies that would be worth watching in a theater in 3D. If you disagree with our picks or have selections you think we missed, let us know in the comments below.


Peter Jackson fully embraced 3D for THE HOBBIT films but what he really should do is go back and meticulously convert the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Do I really need to say more? I would be first in line to revisit all three films, extended or not, in 3D. That would be an event worth seeing again on the silver screen.


Like THE EXORCIST, ALIEN is already masterful without the addition of 3D. But, unlike PROMETHEUS or ALIEN: COVENANT, the original Ridley Scott film is a more subtle haunted house movie with some truly sinister and scary scenes. Adding 3D to deepen the halls and tunnels of the Nostromo could only make the appearance of the Xenomorph more disturbing.


Another classic 80s film, GREMLINS has also been lingering in a limbo without a sequel or a remake. So, until that third movie gets underway, why not convert the originals and give us some hilarious jump scares magnified with 3D technology?


William Friedkin's horror masterpiece is an unconventional choice for this list, but hear me out. THE EXORCIST holds up as a terrifying movie about demonic possession but 3D could really add to the sensory overload of being in Regan's room as Father Karras fights for her very soul. 3D can be subtle and work to deepen a film without being in your face and that is exactly the type of movie THE EXORCIST is.


Robert Zemeckis' trilogy looks less and less likely to get a sequel or a reboot with each passing year. So, even though the DeLorean cameos in Spielberg's upcoming READY PLAYER ONE and the original films have been re-released a couple of times, a 3D special edition could be pretty rad. Even though I would love to see the first one, I am intrigued by the future and Old West visuals rendered in three dimensions.


One of my favorite Sylvester Stallone movies, CLIFFHANGER would look amazing in 3D. The bright mountain landscapes would hold up really well seen though 3D glasses. Renny Harlin's movie already is an adrenaline pumping thrill ride and with 3D you could actually feel the height on screen even more than you already do.


Michael Bay has all but mastered 3D thanks to the TRANSFORMERS franchise. But, all of Bay's films are ripe for conversion as they already have that in your face, explosion-porn feel. Starting with ARMAGEDDON seems to be the best option as the action sequences look like precursors to Optimus Prime battling Megatron, so give the audiences what they want and show us Bruce Willis fighting a giant rock in 3D!


The Wachowskis revolutionized action movies with THE MATRIX, so why not go back and do it again? THE MATRIX already feels immersive but adding another layer to that will make everyone seated in the audience say "Whoa". I would absolutely be open to seeing all three films in the trilogy in 3D, but the first one especially piques my interest.


Steven Spielberg has been toying with 3D on some of his most recent films and I considered putting the Indiana Jones series on here, but the intense war sequences in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN would look absolutely jaw-dropping if rendered in three dimensions. Not to trivialize the scale and horror of war, but putting the viewer right on the beaches of Normandy could intensify the emotional impact.


Stanley Kubrick was an intense perfectionist and he likely would not be a fan of 3D conversions of any films, especially his own. But, 2001 has such a scale and beauty to it that even decades later, it still looks magnificent on screen. The prospect of seeing it in a deeper dimension is too good to ignore.

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