Mads Mikkelsen to fill the Asgardian shoes of another villain in Thor 2

"Double the villains, double the fun" is the theme for today, I suppose. Not to be outdone by talks of a second baddie in IRON MAN 3, it is now being revealed that the rumors were true. There will be another villain in THOR 2.

I have no issues on this, especially since Mads Mikkelsen is in talks currently to take on the role. Actually, I'm doing my happy dance right now. You've seen Mikkelsen in such films as CASINO ROYALE, VALHALLA RISING, CLASH OF THE TITANS, and many others.

Variety says that it is "unknown at this time" which role he will take on, but I think it's pretty obvious. As we noted in our article about the recent possibility of The Enchantress being the main villain in the second installment, it seems that our hunch about The Executioner getting some screen time might be more than just a hunch.

Let's re-cap The Executioner info from Paul's article: "She [The Enchantress] is also typically partnered with the villain known as The Executioner, which could also be a lead to who we may see in the sequel. To take speculation further, The Enchantress and The Executioner were banished to Earth by Odin at one point, where they teamed up with a number of supervillains to form The Masters of Evil, which act as a kind of "antithesis" to THE AVENGERS."

Don't worry. Tom Hiddleston will be back as Loki, too.

Extra Tidbit: And yes, there will be a "Cast This" for The Enchantress next week.
Source: Variety



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