Mark Wahlberg coming back for a Four Brothers sequel?

Coming off the the very mixed reviewed Peter Jackson adaptation of THE LOVELY BONES and a string of somewhat underwhelming films, Mark Wahlberg appears keen on going back to a project that was a little more decently received by both the public and critics.

According to THR, Wahlberg has hatched an idea for a sequel to the 2005 John Singleton film FOUR BROTHERS entitled... FIVE BROTHERS. Let's see, there was Brother #1: Mark Wahlberg, check. Brother #2: Tyrese Gibson, check. Brother #3: André Benjamin, check. Brother #4: Garrett Hedlund, DEAD. Guess away at who you think will slum it for a paycheck to play Brothers 5 and 6.

The 2005 FOUR BROTHERS centered on a group of four adopted siblings who came together to avenge the inexplicable murder of their sweet, old, and well-regarded mother. The film, though often somewhat retarded, was in the end a very enjoyable action-drama, and probably Singleton's best film since BOYZ N THE HOOD (though I admittedly have a soft spot for 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS for some reason).

On board the sequel are most of the first film's creative team, including original writers David Elliot and Paul Lovett. No mention of John Singleton, who I assume is still working on LUKE CAGE?
Extra Tidbit: Deceased Brother Garret Hedlund played Patroclus, Achilles's cousin in 2004's TROY, and will next be seen in this year's TRON LEGACY.
Source: THR



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