Max Payne helmer John Moore will be the director of Die Hard 5

Is this a good idea? Is DIE HARD 5 a good idea? I'm so confused.

Somehow, John Moore (MAX PAYNE) got hired to helm DIE HARD 5. I will let you know that Moore had to convince Bruce Willis that he was the right guy for the job before the decision was made.

Willis was impressed by Moore's love of John McClane and his grasp of how to shoot "practical, non-CGI-heavy action scenes". A little ass kissing never hurts, right? But who doesn't like John McClane? He's the f*cking man. Fox also needed someone who could work on a budget and a tight schedule. After the final negotiations, the plan is to film in Russia and do it before Willis moves on to the RED sequel.

So that's that.

You might also be interested in knowing that Willis has been out trying to find a director for RED 2. Robert Schwentke, director of the first one, can't do it because he's got R.I.P.D. coming up with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. Several director's names have been brought up, but the only one that Deadline mentions is Breck Eisner (THE CRAZIES).

Source: Deadline



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