Melissa McCarthy joins Judd Apatow's This is Forty

BRIDESMAIDS star Melissa McCarthy would appear to be the female Galifianakis, as her quirky role in an R-rated comedy has propelled interest in her for future projects, and she's got quite a few lined up.

The most high profile one would likely be THIS IS FORTY, as McCarthy has just been added to the cast in an unspecified role (Update: it has been specified as a mom at the kids' school). This is Judd Apatow's next directorial effort, and though you see him producing everything under the sun, he only gets behind the camera on rare occasions. When he does? We get THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN and KNOCKED UP. Though we also got FUNNY PEOPLE. Yeah, yeah, bring on the hate, but I can't stand that movie.

Anyway, THIS IS FORTY is actually a spin-off of KNOCKED UP where Paul Rudd, along with Leslie Mann (Apatow's wife) raise their two little kids (Apatow's kids) while dealing with middle age. Shooting just started and Judd described his thoughts in a recent tweet:

"Four days into the shoot. It feels like the last few days of shooting apocalypse now. I am suicidal in the silver fish. Seems funny though."

I have literally no idea what to make of that, but I'll look forward to seeing McCarthy in a supporting role.

Extra Tidbit: It would be cool to see him head back to TV at some point in the future.
Source: THR



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