NBC and DC Comics to team up for the workplace sitcom Powerless

Looks like DC Comics is going to take a big departure from the world of serious and action-oriented comic book adaptations with the upcoming workplace sitcom Powerless. Deadline reports that DC has earned a pilot commitment from NBC for the sitcom that sounds like a comic book version of The Office.

Before you roll your eyes at the sound of the show, take a look at the overall synopsis.

Based on characters from DC Comics, Powerless is a workplace comedy set at one of the worst insurance companies in America — with the twist being that it also takes place in the universe of DC Comics. The show is about the reality of working life for a normal, powerless person in a world of superheroes and villains.

So, if you think about it, there could easily be jokes and issues surrounding claims being paid out for the massive destruction caused by superheroes and villains battling each other. The prospect of Superman or Batman showing up at the insurance company to dispute a liability claim could be very funny if handled properly. There is definitely a chance for this to be a satirical comedy along the lines of The Tick if the right showrunner is brought in.

But, that is where I have concerns about the project. NBC will work with Ben Queen to develop the series. Queen's previous work include the short-lived sitcom A to Z and the drama Drive. He also co-wrote CARS 2 for Pixar. His track record is not exactly stellar, but I would hope DC would have involvement with the series. The reports indicate major and minor DC characters will be available to appear on the series. I would assume this series would not be a part of the DC Cinematic Universe, but maybe there is hope for a crossover with Arrow or The Flash.

Powerless has no set dates for production but I would think with how well DC projects have done on the small screen that we could see this as early as next year.

Source: Deadline



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