NBC's Community might be heading to the big screen with Justin Lin directing

How many of you are fans of NBC's Community? I've only seen clips from the series, but most of my friends have told me it's a pretty funny show. A sixth season hasn't been ordered by the network yet, but TV Guide has learned there has been talk about a Community movie. The site has also heard Justin Lin is being considered to direct the film.

Justin Lin was behind the camera for several episodes of Community so it would make sense for him to direct the movie, however he might be too busy working on other projects.

Why is there talk about a movie when a sixth season hasn't even been picked up yet? Insiders say even if NBC doesn't order a new season, the show could end up on a different network, or Hulu, which already has the series' digital rights.

In season two of Community, a fan of the now canceled The Cape was confident the series was going to have "six seasons and a movie," (video below) and now that Community is close to hitting six seasons, many fans want a feature film to actually happen. Creator Dan Harmon recently told HitFix he hopes that accidental prophecy comes true as well.

"I mean, if they do a sixth season, I have to participate. And having done that, if the movie has to be made out of clay and duct tape in my basement, then that’s how the movie will be made, because there has to be closure. The title of the book about the show is not “’Community,’ An Interesting Journey into a Show No One Ever Watched.” The title of the book is obviously going to be, “Six Seasons and a Movie.”

So what do you think Community fans: you game for a sixth season and a movie? You can check out the next new episode of Community on NBC on April 3rd, 2014.

Source: TV GuideHitFix



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