New Mutants director teases Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane

Hmmm. Josh Boone - the director of the X-MEN spin-off film NEW MUTANTS - has just released this piece of fan art to Twitter depicting Maisie Williams (Arya on GAME OF THRONES) as the character Wolfsbane:

Not only does that fan art look exactly like Maisie Williams, but Boone even tagged the official twitter handle of the young actress as well. While not an official casting confirmation (she's still not listed imdb or anything), it does seem pretty damn likely at this point. And even if it doesn't end up panning out for whatever reason, this would be a cool "what if?" thing regardless.

No release date for the spin-off film as of yet, but James McAvoy is slated to return as young Professor X, alongside Williams if she indeed gets cast.

So what are your guys' thoughts on the project? You excited for more X-MEN films, or are you wishing they'd just reboot the damn thing already? Either way, sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: Wolfsbane mutation is literally "werewolf-ism". I guess she can transition between human/wolf states, and doesn't need a full moon. So I guess "Lycan-ism" is a better term. But still.
Source: Twitter



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