New X-Men: First Class theatrical trailer finally features a ton of new footage

Click here to see even MORE COOL FOOTAGE in the new international trailer

I've been getting sick of posting a million different FIRST CLASS trailer variants, with each adding in about three seconds of new footage over the last version, but at long last, a brand new trailer has finally arrived.

Yes, the almost three minute spot starts out the same way as the others, but after that, it's practically all unseen footage, and finally we get to hear some of the other characters speak other than Magneto and Professor X.

The Hellfire Club's plotline still remains a mystery, as does really the entire movie's story. Something about exposing mutants to the world and the Bay of Pigs. I am cautiously optimistic about this film, and it's good to see the new class in action in some much needed some new footage. Check it out for yourself below via Yahoo!

Extra Tidbit: UPDATE: All IE/Chrome issues should be resolved now! Apologies if you can't watch any JoBlo videos in Chrome or IE. We're working on it, and in the meantime other browsers work.
Source: Yahoo!



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