No one can control Scarlett Johansson in new Ghost in the Shell trailer

March is pretty crowded this year, with giant blockbusters virtually coming out every week. We will start with LOGAN on March 3, and end with the Scarlett Johansson vehicle GHOST IN THE SHELL on March 31. The first probably has the most fanfare behind it, but the latter could be a neat little time at the cinema. The second trailer for it is here to lure you in by teasing said neatness with plenty of action over Johansson narration. Did that rhyme? I think so.

Watch trailer numero dos in 4K (which is paired with the Super Bowl spot) below!

Though I feel the trailer gives too much away in terms of story—especially considering a lot of the people who could go see this haven’t seen the anime—we have a ton of new action footage here to serve as a suitable distraction. I’m still not overly psyched for the flick, but I stand by my above comments. It could just be a fun time at the movies on a weekend with time to kill. Scarlett Johansson has proved her mettle in action films before and she looks to be bringing it again here. That’s…that’s all I have to say. You can go now.

GHOST IN THE SHELL with Scarlett Johansson, Michael Pitt, Pilou Asbæk and Juliette Binoche arrives March 31.

Source: ParamountDreamWorks



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