Paramount reportedly eyeing November release for Martin Scorsese's Silence

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A release date hasn't been officially set yet for Martin Scorsese's SILENCE, but Screen Daily is claiming that Paramount Pictures is looking to release the movie this November. The filmmakers's latest directorial effort probably won't be ready in time for this year's Cannes, however there's a good chance that it will premiere at either the Toronto or Venice film festivals.

Based on the Shūsaku Endō book of the same name, SILENCE will tell "the story of a Jesuit missionary sent to seventeenth century Japan, who endured persecution in the time of Kakure Kirishitan ("Hidden Christians") that followed the defeat of the Shimabara Rebellion."

Production on Scorsese's historical drama kicked off in January of last year in Taiwan with a cast that includes Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Tadanobu Asano and Ciaran Hinds, and filming wrapped in May. How excited are you for Scorsese's long-in-the-works passion project?

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Source: Screen Daily



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