Peter Dinklage gets his first starring role in a comedy from Bad Words writer Andrew Dodge

It would be easy to fill this article with love for Peter Dinklage. The guy knows how to drop a line, and is one of the coolest actors on the planet. So it is with much happiness that I bring you the news that Dinklage has scored a leading role in an upcoming comedy for Paramount.

BAD WORDS scribe Andrew Dodge has written an R-rated comedy that is said to be full on R but with a some heart. Sources are saying that the plot will, "play off of Dinklage’s size as the story centers on a man who tells people he is a true leprechaun." The tone is described as being much like that of 2003's BAD SANTA with Billy Bob Thornton.

After reading that, I let out a silent "oh god yes" then returned to my regularly scheduled duties. I can already imagine Dinklage convincing people that he is in fact, a real leprechaun. That snarky sense of humor with a face that can almost guarantee anything. He's got this one in the bag.

BAD WORDS was Dodge's collaboration with first time feature director, Jason Bateman. There were some comparisons to BAD SANTA but if that's the vibe they are going for then they certainly found the right person to pen the script. Can't wait to see what comes out of this one.

Extra Tidbit: GAME OF THRONES will be back Spring of next year. Just wanted to say that...
Source: THR



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