Peter Weller joining Trek 2 plus is Benicio Del Toro play Khan or not?

While the rest of Hollywood tries to figure out how to reboot ROBOCOP, Peter Weller is moving on to another big sci-fi franchise. The once robotic cop has signed on to star in STAR TREK 2, joining the recently cast Benicio Del Toro and Alice Eve.

As is par for the course for a JJ Abrams movie, little is known about the role Weller is playing. Really all we know about the recently added cast is that Del Toro is playing a bad guy, Eve is playing a new character and Weller will play an impeccably scarfed man. In a related story: this picture of Peter Weller --->.

Speaking of who plays who, there seems to be some confusion regarding Del Toro and exactly who he is playing. This weekend, Latino Review reported that Del Toro would, in fact, be playing Khan in the film. But then JJ Abrams came out yesterday and told Hitfix, "Not true." So which is it?

Latino has a very impressive track record when it comes to breaking scoops so I'm inclined to believe him. But it would've been very easy to JJ to just ignore the scoop and not answer a flat out denial if he was lying. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Filming on STAR TREK 2 is set to begin early in 2012 for a May, 2013 release.

Source: Variety



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