Pre-production on The Crow has stalled due to Relativity Media's bankruptcy

THE CROW reboot has hit yet another snag but this time it has nothing to do with cast or creative issues. The recent bankruptcy of financier Relativity Media has resulted in stalling of the pre-production effots in the United Kingdom. The Hollywood Reporter cites sources who say that a statement will be forthcoming about the status of the film, but several of those involved have been released or left the project.

Relativity Media's financial collapse has jeopardized several films while others have been sold to other studios. Relativity is fighting to remain a company as they settle their money troubles and claim that THE CROW will continue in the Fall under director Corin Hardy, but things could easily change in the coming days and weeks.

THE CROW has yet to produce a sequel that has lived up to the 1994 film starring Brandon Lee. After Lee's death during production, the franchise has had one theatrical sequel and several direct to home video follow-ups. There has been a television series as well but the latest attempt to make a film has seen various directors and lead actors depart the film. At this point, it almost seems like there is no hope that THE CROW will ever happen. But, stranger things have happened, I am just not going to hold my breath this time.



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