Rev up the remake machine: Lethal Weapon, The Wild Bunch, Westworld

"You through?"

"I haven't even started yet."

And neither has the remake train. Might as well embrace the fact that some of your favorite movies will invariably get repackaged with a new hook, a new setting and/or new faces.

According to Heat Vision, an exec shakeup at Warner Bros. means that a burst of updated classics could hit the reboot tracks, with LETHAL WEAPON right in front. Deadline says that TALES FROM THE GANGSTER SQUAD writer Will Beall is already hired for the new script, with Joel Silver re-producing.

The 1987 action flick that gave us Mel Gibson's unforgettable cop-on-the-edge and arguably became the modern template for the "buddy cop" genre (though 48 HRS makes a strong case) has plenty of company in the pipeline. Other projects that had long been kicking around as potential remakes but could get a fresh chance are the robots-gone-haywire movie WESTWORLD and Sam Peckinpah's masterpiece Western THE WILD BUNCH.

Both have been slowly shuffling along during the past decade -- WESTWORLD once in the works with producer Joel Silver and star Arnold Schwarzenegger, while a few years ago David Ayer (HARSH TIMES) was working on a contemporary WILD BUNCH. Plans for a LETHAL WEAPON 5 (from Shane Black!) never came together, and obviously never will.

Others to possibly get kickstarted include THE DIRTY DOZEN (once a Guy Ritchie project), OH GOD and TARZAN.

Extra Tidbit: So... Taylor Lautner and Donald Glover in the new LETHAL WEAPON, then? Probably.
Source: Heat VisionDeadline



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