Review: The Kingdom

The Kingdom
7 10

A huge explosion goes off at a family picnic in a supposed secure American compound in Saudi Arabia. Many die including women and children. So the U.S send in “The A-Team”, actually they send in an elite federal investigative team to figure out who did this monstrosity and bring the mofo’s to justice! Fluffy politics, wicked shootouts and quite a few cleverly written comedic lines all ensue.

This was a no brainer/political/action movie that was well made and fun to watch. It looked good, it was pretty easy to follow and they didn’t get too deep into politics. Whatever political aspects there was, they covered it in the opening credits which were pretty educational and cool to watch. The action was intense and well done (the ending had a good 25 minute fire fight),plus you see what the hell was going on! Jason Bateman’s comedic relief was extremely welcomed but when the bullets started to fly, his character could really switch it up. Jamie Foxx did his thing. He was good but I didn’t really buy in into his leadership role. I think he should have switched with Chris Cooper’s character, who, by the way, was good as an explosives expert. Every time I see Cooper, he just seems to be more of a commanding presence on screen and in this film he was more on the sidelines. Garner was O.K and came off as a regular kinda gal but I was extremely impressed with her action sequence! She kicked ass and took numbers while doing it. Oh yeah, I must not forget “the Piven”, a very grey Piven I might add. He played Ari Gold but for the US embassy.

The character that really took me by surprise and is the Middle East’s equivalent to Jean Reno is Ashraf Barhoum. His chemistry with Foxx’s character was extremely enjoyable and cool to watch. I hope he gets to do more American films as he was just awesome and he has that “it” quality to make it.

Peter Berg does another great job behind the director’s chair. He has such a raw style to his visuals that it just compliments his action sequences. He is certainly developing his craft and he’s turning into a director that will have me checking out his films just because it’s him.

It was a little hard to follow some of the Saudi officials and figure out who’s who, but it ain’t the end of the world and it doesn’t take away much from the movie. In terms of accuracy on how it is over there in the kingdom, I wouldn’t know, but my buddy is from the Middle East and he says there is no way in heaven that Jennifer Garner’s character could walk around clothed the way she was. It just wouldn’t happen. ANYWAYS!

At the end of the day, it was a good popcorn flick where you don’t have to think too much. It’s a fun ride and most will enjoy the action.

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-- by Tim Goernert

Source: JoBlo.com



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