Ridley Scott directing new version of Blade Runner!

It appears that Ridley Scott's time revisiting his beloved Alien franchise has caused him to fall in love with sci-fi again. After PROMETHEUS, he's now turning to another of his seminal works that he thinks it's time to revisit.

That's right, Ridley Scott is making a new BLADE RUNNER. I'm as stunned as you are, and a million questions flood to mind, most without answers at this point. Deadline reports that he's signed on to direct and produce with Alcon partners Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove.

What is NOT know is whether the film will be a prequel or sequel or remake of the original, which was based on Phillip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Subsequently, also unknown is the fate of Rick Deckard. Will Ford's character be making an appearance in some way? If it was a sequel, he could appear as Ford himself. If a prequel, perhaps a younger version of the character. But seeing what Scott is doing with PROMETHEUS, it might be something new altogether.

More details as they come out, but one thing I know is they'll probably have to push the dates back when the film is set. Made in 1982, BLADE RUNNER envisioned the world of 2019, which at this point is only a few years away, and we're severely behind on our android production.

Extra Tidbit: Strangely enough, I was actually listening to this soundtrack as this news broke. No joke.
Source: Deadline



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