Rumor: New Fantastic Four film to focus on Reed and Sue's children

Now, it's inevitable we'll be getting a new FANTASTIC FOUR movie sooner rather than later. With the acquisition of SPIDER-MAN from Sony, MCU is probably salivating at the possibility of acquiring the FANTASTIC FOUR from FOX (who have yet to really start a viable franchise from the property, save the sequel RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER); though, unlike Sony, FOX is dead-set on keeping those rights no matter how terrible their films are.

So it's no shock that a script is currently being developed at FOX. What is interesting, however, is the supposed route they're taking the story. Now, this is obviously a rumor - so take everything a Thing-like portion of salt - but according to trusted sources close to Bleeding Cool, the new films will apparently be more family-friendly and focus on Reed Richards' and Sue Storm's powerful children, Franklin and Valeria. While they've featured prominently in the comics for decades, they've never gotten the big-screen treatment until now (on the fifth movie, and fourth reboot if you count the Roger Corman one - which I do).

Honestly, at this point, I'm just happy they're doing something different with the property, if this indeed turns out to be true. And, look, I'm not anti-origin story or anything, but we've had three versions of the same story (origin in space vs. Dr. Doom) that going a different route with the FANTASTIC FOUR as a more established group - ala SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING or Matt Reeves' upcoming BATMAN film - seems the right way to go. Also, it's fine time the Richards children got the spotlight, I say

But what do you Schmoes think? Barring being merged into the MCU, how do you feel about this take? You down for a more kid-centric FANTASTIC FOUR story? Either way, sound off below!

Obviously no release date as of yet, but expect 20th Century Fox to rush this one out before the rights expire again. Always the recipe for quality.

Extra Tidbit: Seth Grahame-Smith is reportedly working on the script, and was at one point hired to helm DC's THE FLASH movie.
Source: Bleeding Cool



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