Sacha Baron Cohen developing The Lesbian for Paramount

Well, this ought to be fun.

No, wait! This is a true story about a lesbian, not just the hijinks of Sacha Baron Cohen. The actual story is wacky enough on its own without any additional help from Cohen.

Here's the scoop:

"Cecil Chao, the Hong Kong billionaire who offered $65 million to any man who succeeded in marrying his lesbian daughter. Chao’s offer made international headlines last week following reports that his daughter had a French church bless her relationship with her longtime girlfriend."

How did I miss this? I have no idea. Will any man succeed in turning Gigi Chao straight? That's probably going to be a big fat "no." Gigi Chao had this to say on the situation, I'm actually on very, very loving terms with my father. We speak on a daily basis. He just has a very interesting way of expressing his fatherly love. What this whole episode really highlights is that perhaps still, the Chinese — or in fact the Hong Kong mentality — can perhaps tolerate the 'don't ask, don't tell' view of sexuality," she said. "But as a social statement, it's still very much a sensitive issue."

However, Father Chao is certainly a character in his own right. The 76-year old says that he's had over 10,000 lady friends, but never married. He's also a lover of Rolls-Royces, and is a qualified helicopter pilot.

Cohen and his, Four By Two Films will develop the film currently titled, THE LESBIAN. It is possible that Cohen will play the Father. No writer is attached to the project as of yet.

Source: DeadlineNBC News



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