Silver & Black director updates fans on the status of the Spider-Man spinoff

Not long ago, reports of SILVER & BLACK, the female-led Spider-Man spinoff, being delayed indefinitely started making the rounds. For a time, the film was expected to begin shooting in March, though after being taken off the calendar, little has been said about the status of a stylish comic book adventure featuring the characters Silver Sable and Black Cat clawing its way to the big screen.

Now, after speaking with Screen Rant, we've learned that SILVER & BLACK director Gina Prince-Bythewood is still hard at work on bringing two of Marvel's most lethal ladies to fans.

“The update is just really pounding out the script,” says Gina Prince-Bythewood, who wants the project to have a rock-solid script before moving onto the next phase of the production process. “It all starts with the script. You gotta have a great script so we want to make sure that's right before we jump in.” 

Honestly, I'm not at all surprised that a lot of care is going into the making of SILVER & BLACK. After all, Sony hasn't exactly hit the mark when rolling out their questionable plans for a Spiderverse that, so far, has no official plans to include the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. I know. As many times as I've reported on this fact, it still baffles me that Spider-Man isn't a part of this initiative. Couple that with the mixed reactions to Tom Hardy's VENOM trailer and you've got a recipe for potential failure at the box office.

That being said. SILVER & BLACK does have some exciting elements to it, for sure. The project's director, Gina Prince-Bythewood, is already receiving high praise for her work on Freeform's CLOAK & DAGGER (set to air next month), and SILVER & BLACK now has Lindsey Beer (CHAOS WLAKING) and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (CAPTAIN MARVEL) working on a new draft of the script. That's some mighty fine talent, right there, which in my opinion makes the SILVER & BLACK something to remain optimistic about. In truth, the female-led comic book movie movement is long overdue, and both Silver Sablinova and Felicia Hardy are more than capable of bringing some noise to the genre. Here's hoping that Sony's SILVER & BLACK comes together, and gives fans a reason to be excited about a Spiderverse where anything can happen.

Source: Screen Rant



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