Simon McQuoid to "get over here" and direct Mortal Kombat reboot

Man, I love me some MORTAL KOMBAT. Whenever I hear that awesome theme song, I get so pumped up I could punch a baby. The games are awesome too, with memorable fighters, a heavy metal album cover aesthetic, and a deep - if admittedly goofy and convoluted - mythology. Not to mention so much gruesome blood and gore it makes even Peter Jackson blush. The first MORTAL KOMBAT movie was also pretty fun (and arguably the best videogame adaptation ever at the moment), while the second movie, MORTAL KOMBAT ANNIHILATION, is hot garbage (with rules to a drinking game you can play that will kill you).

This is all to say that a new MORTAL KOMBAT reboot is on the way from producer James Wan (SAW, AQUAMAN), which has recently found its new director: Simon McQuoid. If that name doesn't sound familiar, that's because this will be his first feature film. However, he is well-known in the commercial world, working for top brands like Playstation, HALO, and Beats for Dre, among others.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited as hell. I'm always down for more MORTAL KOMBAT, and with the success of DEADPOOL there's even a chance it could be a hard R. I just hope it keeps a sense of fun (the recent LEGACY videos on YouTube were trying too hard to be "gritty"), because I think putting a little tongue-in-cheek with a series that has Scorpion turning into a penguin and a selfie Fatality is the right way to go. But maybe that's just me.

So what were your guys' favorite characters? Kabal was my jam!

Extra Tidbit: Sub-Zero and Scorpion were created because they wanted another character, but didn't have the storage space on the arcade machine to do so, so they decided to work around it and create a palette swap instead. Thus, bitter rivals are born!
Source: Variety



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