SLC Punk! sequel will hit theaters in 2014 and here's a concept poster to prove it

SLC Punk!

Although it was just a rumor it looks like now it's official: a sequel to the 1998 indie comedy SLC PUNK! called PUNK'S DEAD will start filming later this year and should be released sometime in 2014. This news comes from a PR Newswire announcement for Productions La Chatte and according to them most of the original cast members (although they don't say who) will be back for the sequel. Writer/director James Merendino will also be returning for PUNK'S DEAD and he talked about what the sequel might explore:

I made SLC PUNK when I was a kid, and accordingly, the story is naive, and, as just a coming of age story, not finished. The characters are facing  big questions, 18 years later, as outsiders, Punk rockers… What relevance do  they have in a world where all statements have already been made?

Although at the end of SLC PUNK! it seemed like Stevo (Matthew Lillard) had renounced his punk lifestyle it sounds like Merendino wants to explore what it's like when you've become just too old to be a punk. James Merendino also goes on to say he's happy that PUNK'S DEAD will be an independent production (just like SLC PUNK!) and feels like it's the right way to go for the film:

Putting together Independent Movies is a never ending siege, but when it does come together, there is nothing more satisfying. In the years since I made SLC Punk, it has found a rather large and supportive following who have been very kind to me.  So in making a sequel, I feel I owe it to those people to really do it right.

I don't think anyone was demanding for a sequel to SLC PUNK! (except maybe the hardcore punk rawkers who clearly didn't get the message of the film) but with the original creator and most of the cast on board I wouldn't mind seeing what Stevo, Sean and Mike have been up to over the years. There's also been a concept poster released for PUNK'S DEAD and while we may not see Heroin Bob in the sequel (for obvious reasons) it certainly looks that's him on the poster.

SLC Punk!

So what do you think? Is there a story that absolutely needs to be told in PUNK'S DEAD or is the risk that the sequel will taint the original too high? Strike back below with your opinion. And don't be a poser about it.

Extra Tidbit: Til Schweiger who played Mark in SLC PUNK! would go on to play Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.
Source: PR Newswire



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