Star Wars rumors: Rey's introduction and the thrilling IMAX sequence


There are more STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS rumors out there than you can shake a stick at, and while generally we're not going to report every single one of them, we do take the time out to mention some of the more interesting ones. With that said, I think the following rumors are more interesting than spoilery, but I'll post them after the picture of Rey on a speeder, just in case you're looking to avoid any new information on J.J. Abrams' upcoming space opera.


Alright, so there has been talk about Daisy Ridley's character Rey and who she might be, but we're not discussing that right now. What we ARE discussing is her introduction, and how that ties into the action sequence that was shot in the IMAX format.

According to Jason Ward over at Making Star Wars, Rey very much has a Wall-E introduction of sorts, in that she's a scavenger perusing through wreckage. She ends up exploring the inside of a Star Destroyer that had crashed on the planet previously. After some exploration, she makes her way home and has dinner, alone. Evidently this sequence paints a portrait of a woman who's a loner and can handle herself. It's not long before she meets a droid and things get interesting, however...

Further along in the story, Rey and Finn (John Boyega) are on the run from the Empire and manage to get their hands on the Millennium Falcon. This is where the IMAX sequence starts, as Tie Fighters are in hot pursuit. Rey and the droid BB-8 are doing their best to pilot the ship while Finn jumps on one of the gun turrets. Given that neither of them are experts on this ship, they're kind of feeling their way through in regards to shooting and piloting. Rey then pilots the ship INTO the crashed Star Destroyer, losing their pursuers and taking a moment to catch their breath. This is where the IMAX sequence ends.

So, will any of the previously mentioned scenes actually come to light? We'll find out when STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS comes to theaters on December 18, 2015!



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